Do you operate on HIV positive Patients?

Yes we do , however we require text results that shows viral load must be undetectable and under controlled  .

Where are your locations?

we are the only US based International hair transplant clinic with locations in Mexico and United state . We have three clinics two in California (Westwood and Irvine) and One located in Tijuana Mexico

Is the operation cost in your California clinic same as Tijuana clinic?

No due to lower overhead and lower operating cost our hair transplant prices are lower in our Tijuana clinic

What are the payment options and do you offer financing ?

We Accept Zelle ,Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal and we offer up to 24 month payment plan for qualified patients .

How many grafts per session and how much is the cost?

Please note that you can choose any one of our clinics to do your procedure however the prices are different. In general for FUE, DHI technique if you want to pay per graft (each grafts can contain between 1 to 4 follicles) your cost is between $1.69 to $1.79  at our Tijuana clinic. For our California Clinics the cost is between $2.45 to $2.75 per graft..

Do you offer special Package Pricing ?

Most patients want to know a minimum and maximum cost per session so we made it easy and affordable for patients who are concerned with service and cost by putting together two clear convenient and easy to understand cost effective packages.  “Standard Grafts” gives you up to 2300 grafts and “Maximum Graft” gives you up to 3500 grafts in one session. Please check with one of our account managers for further details (please call 951-398-7751)

What Package do you offer for TIJUANA Clinic ?.     If you choose to do the procedure in Tijuana the cost for up to 2300 graft which is approximately 6000 hair follicle including hotel and transportation is $3895. For Over 2300 Graft and up to 3500 grafts maximum cost is caped at $4895 .

What Packages do you offer for your CA Clinic?.    If you choose to do the same surgery in our California clinics the prices are still very reasonable compared to other clinics in US but due to higher cost not as low as our prices in our TJ clinic. Package cost for for our California clinic for up to 2300 grafts is $6695 And for over 2300 and up to 3500 grafts maximum price is capped at $8695.

  • Do you offer Special prices for California Clinic?  :  Our California prices are much lower than other local clinics but occasionally we do offer seasonal special deals as well . However if you are cost comparing and desire an even more affordable prices your best option is our Tijuana Mexico clinic .
  •  It’s up to you to choose which one of our clinics you like to perform your operation however as mentioned above the cost of your operation is higher in our California clinic compared to our Tijuana clinic .

How many Grafts can you harvest from my Donor area?

Obviously each patient is unique but please keep in mined that for FUE procedure in one full session if the patient is bald on Top section and only have hair in sides and back of their head, most likely that patients has a maximum of only 3000 to 4000 grafts available in their head donor area that can be safely harvested in one session . If patient needs more than 4000 then they can either wait for donor area to heal and return after 6 months for revelation of the head donor area, or they can choose to harvest some grafts from their chest and Beard under chin area as well.

Other clinics tell me they can harvest up to 5000 grafts per session what are the Risk of Over Harvesting?

We are very transparent about this serious issue. we are very carful not to over harvest the donor area as this can cause serious scaring complications and baldness in the  sides and back of the head . Generally The most we recommend  per session is between 3500 to 4000 grafts. Rest easy Once you forward us pictures from sides, back and top we can tell you how many grafts you have available and discuss your options .

Who pays for Transportation?

California Residence : For patients whom are traveling from California to Tijuana Our prices include up to 60 miles of round trip ground transportation
If a patient needs pick up from further local distances or they live in Los Angeles or valley area then they would need to pay up to $200 extra for the extra round trip cost ( depending on how far they live from the Tijuana/San Diego border) .

OUT Of STATE Residence : for patients whom are traveling from other states we will pay up to $300 towards your airplane ticket to Sand Diego airport and we will provide a free shuttle service to and from the airport to your hotel in Tijuana or Irvine or Westwood .

Who Pays for hotel ?

For all California and out of state patients that choose our Tijuana Clinic packages We pay for Two nights and three days of free hotel stay at Quartz Spa and hotel in Tijuana . For out of state patients that choose our California clinics we offer one night of free hotel stay and free post op medication.

Do You do Chest or Beard hair transplant ?

Yes we can harvest grafts from chest and Beard area but the cost is slightly higher.

Do you do Eyebrow hair Transplant ?

Yes we do offer eyebrow hair transplant for both Men and Women Patients price starts at $3500

Do you do PRP?

Yes we have PRP package starting at $595 for Tijuana Clinic and $895 for Irvine Clinic  .

Do you do SNP Micropigmentation?

Yes we do offer SNP the price starts at $2895

Can I do the hair transplant procedure if I have diabetes?

Yes but we need to make sure that your blood sugar level is controlled and A1C is at an acceptable level.

Which procedure do you perform?

We offer both FUT and FUE (DHI)  however most patients prefer the less invasive technique which is FUE

Do you offer financing?

Yes for qualified applicants for up to 24 month financing is available for full “maximum graft” operation in California we offer $300 down and $300 per month for 24 month

Can I see your before and after pictures online?

We do have several actual patient pictures here in our site, but due to privacy reasons we generally do not share our clients pictures online unless they give us permission. for additional pictures and testimonials please click on the this link below or copy past the link in your web browser address bar .

Can I talk to a live representative?

Yes please feel free to contact our call center via WhatsApp or direct line +1-951-398-7751